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Discussion on: I'm Slow And That's Okay

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I'm the other way around, I do all the easiest, quickest, smallest tasks first to allow myself to have the time to dedicate myself to the hardest work. This also depends on priorities but normally I work like that. This was also the way I operated back in school during exam season.

Though... you've made me realize that there is a huge downside to this at least when it comes to my life outside work. I procrastinate too much on the things I really don't like/want to do hahaha eating the frog is too hard for me, I'll leave it for tomorrow XD

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Steven Hicks Author

One of the things I've most realized through this is that the approach to solving a problem is really personal. There are tradeoffs either way, and everyone has a different reason they choose one approach over the other.

For what it's worth, while I prefer to eat the frog with work projects, I definitely procrastinate the frogs in my personal life 😁. Looking at you, screen door that should have been replaced ten years ago....