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Discussion on: Why did you decide to pursue a career in tech?

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The truth: Insecurity. I honestly wanted to go into a much more artistic career but, while everyone has a lot of self-doubts regarding programming, mine was (and is) with my drawings/art, and well, they got to me and I ended up making the choice to study computer engineering.

Having said that, a year ago, after almost three years after graduating as a computer engineer, I actually decided that I did want to be a part of this. I found that it was my safe space from the horrible things happening back home (Venezuela) and that I thoroughly enjoyed the entire development process. Constantly learning new things, coding, applying best practices, reading on different development processes, debugging, envisioning solutions, and all of that makes me really happy. Which is why I'm still here c:

And even though I was super insecure, I haven't stopped drawing! Quite frankly, after a hard day's work of development, I like to chill by drawing so, it's all good!