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Discussion on: Living alone, how do you cope up with anxiety, depression and stress from work or from the current events?

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Well, these are some things that I do:

  • make sure your space feels like your own! and I mean in the sense that you should feel comfy and happy being in this space. Ex: change the layout of your furniture, add pictures, posters, make sure it's a bit tidy (I know it's a pain but it helps!!), make it smell nice, add plants, etc.

  • control what you consume. Opinions, twitter threads, the news, videos on youtube. Try to go for learning and not entertainment. Also, sensationalism is on the rise and news outlets have agendas. Make sure you're not falling for their traps :3

  • have hobbies outside of programming. While yeah programming is fun, you need your brain to do other things! It needs to cool down and what better way than having a hobby completely different from development. For example music, arts, gardening, cooking, writing, reading, etc.

  • exercise! this will tire you out and help you sleep better (I suffer from some sort of insomnia as well, it's terrible :c). If you have a Nintendo Switch I highly recommend getting the ringfit, it's pretty cool and fun :D

  • call family or friends. Just because we're stuck at home doesn't mean we can't socialize a bit, if you can, try to call your loved ones just to check up on them, it's refreshing c:

  • plan your week/journaling. I know you may not be moving about in your place, but I highly suggest sitting down, think about the stuff you want to do during the week (side projects, goals, payments, that stuff), and set days for when you want to do them. Also, try to write down interesting things that happened to you during the day. You can look back upon them later to remind yourself of how you were doing or what you were focusing on :3

  • sit in the morning and just write down everything you feel. This one I stole from The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron. She says to do it every day of your life but I did it for a few months and my golly did it help. As soon as you wake up, write down everything, EVERYTHING, doesn't matter how dumb, stupid, or whatever it is, for max 3 pages. I honestly did what I could, sometimes it would be half a page, other times it would be 4 or 5 pages. Let it go. Make sure that journal is private :3

  • it's okay to chill for a day or a week! Totally depends on your mood. Sometimes we need to rest, so just, after work, don't stress out about anything.

I hope this little essay can give you some ideas! Good luck :3

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PenAndPapers Author

Thank you so much for your really awesome advice. Gob Bless :D