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re: Hi Vladimir, thanks for your article. In the current state I don't think I'd adopt it either. To be honest I'm not sure it's going to scale easily ...

Thanks for the comment!

Stripe AFAIK does not use Rails, Sorbet should be easier in a Ruby-only project.

Yep. But we also have Shopify, an early adopter/beta user of Sorbet. We haven't heard a lot about this adoption yet though.

And there are already some tools to make it easier to integrate with Rails: github.com/chanzuckerberg/sorbet-r....


So everyone is now shopify or [insert random company xyz]?

I mean there is a reason why this abomination has been created by a COMPANY. At the least they finally open sourced it - it was ludicrous that they promoted it while it was closed source.

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