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The 100 days of code challenge is something that was in my mind for a while, and now I've finally decided to begin this journey 🧙‍!
(And I really wanted to be part of the DEV community, and writing this article is my first step toward that purpose).

Why ? 🤔

I am currently a 2nd year student at CentraleSupélec, one of the leading Grande Ecole (Engineering Schools) in France. I want to work in the Artificial Intelligence topic. Giving my objectives, I need some experience and it's the reason why I decided to start that challenge.

Creating a big project and learning state-of-the-art methods and algorithms will help me prepare myself (and improve my English 😉). And

Rules 👮‍

Just to ensure I forgot nothing, here are the main points and rules I will try to follow in the following days :

1 - I vow to code for a total of one hour per day. This will be done in one or more sessions.

2 - Coding time includes : Web development (interface+back) and script code (for the AI part of the project) in python. The learning part can be counted, but at least 1/2 of the mandatory time needs to be code.

3 - If days are not done (due to health problems for instance), they will be added at the end of the challenge, until 100 coding days has been reached

4 - At least one commit has to be done on github each day.

What will I build?

During these 100 days, I want to learn more about Natural Language Processing. So I decided to create a Bot, that will be able to answer simple questions (take the example of Siri, Cortana, ...).
Other features could be added, mainly in the beginning of the project, to learn some things and methods.

And Now ?

I think that everything has been said, now let's begin coding !
You can check my daily progress on Twitter (like suggested in the official rules). And sometimes on DEV.to to share what I learned 😀.

And if you are familiar with the #100DaysOfCode challenge, doesn't hesitate to share advice. And if you have any suggestions, feel free to share, I'm listening 😃.

My Github repository
My Twitter

Happy coding !

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Data Scientist Student at CentraleSupélec, I love to code scripts and algorithms for Data Viz and interact with algorithms.


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