What Is The Difference Between Bitbucket Vs Github?

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What Is The Difference Between Bitbucket Vs Github?

Welcome to my Article series introducing you to bitbucket vs Git and GitHub. In this Article, I am going to cover the difference between Git and GitHub.Future videos in the series will contain walk through and demos, but this Article is largely conceptual. So, what is the difference between Git and GitHub? Git is a system for version control primarily used by programmers as well as multiple users who write source code. It runs/Executes at the command line(Terminal or CMD) on your local machine. You can visit my Article with More Examples : click here

It allows you to keep track of your files and modifications to those files in something called a repository (or”repo”). For example, here’s a repository on my local machine. These are the files and folders being tracked. And here are the last 5 changes to the repo. You can use it alone, or you can use it with a team of people who are working on the same project.

It’s useful in a team environment because everyone can work independently on those files, merge their changes together,and there is a permanent record of who made which change. So how does GitHub relate to Git? GitHub is a website that allows you to upload your Git repositories online. Why would you do this?Well, it provides a backup of your files. Second, it gives you a visual interface for navigating your repos. Third, it gives other people a way to navigate your repos. And finally,it makes repo collaboration easy. All of these concepts will become much more clear in the upcoming videos. One final note is that Git does not require the use of GitHub. Anyway, it’s very common to use GitHub if you are using gitlab vs github vs bitbucket.

Today, I am setting up our remote repository Ace I will also consider at a step by step instruction comparison between three popular Git hosting web sites So let’s get started bitbucket vs github…

According to Google, a repository is “a central location in which data is stored and managed” The standard process is to have a local copy of the repository on your machine with a remote copy on one of the Git Hosting Sites This is not mandatory Ace, but it’s generally a good idea to have a central place for syncing changes A remote repository can be public or private Ace A public repository can be copied by anyone, whereas a private repo can only be copied by specified users Let’s setup a local repository.

You can use an existing project or create a new one Ace Open Source Tree In order for us to execute Git commands on our local repository and for us to sync changes with our remote repository, I shall need to update our credentials Ace Click “Tools” then “Options” Type in an alias to the “Full Name” text input Ace For the “Email address” input, type the one you’re going to use when I register to our repository’s host website.

You can visit my Article with More Examples : click here

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