php extension "soap" must be loaded.

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php extension "soap" must be loaded.

PHP extension soap must be loaded - Magento Issue
While installing the Magento on cPanel server, I got the error as 'PHP extension “soap” must be loaded'.

Solution - Error : PHP extension “soap” must be loaded in magento

Please make sure the soap extension is installed on your server. You can check it using below command -
php -m | grep soap, Output should be soap

If soap module is not installed on server then you can use below command to install it on your server -
yum install php-soap

5+ Ways to Resolve Error

Step 1 :
Open xampp server Or
xampp/php/php.ini And open php.ini File

Step 2 :
Apache / config click ok button
( if you open php.ini using xampp server )

Step 3 :
find (ctrl + f) word “soap”
and remove “;”

change this line from ::

TO ::

Step 4 :
Save php.ini File

Step 5 :
Restart xampp server

Also You can learn more way about php extension "soap" must be loaded.

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