install and/or enable a php accelerator (highly recommended).

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Today, We want to share with you how to install PHP apcu Accelerator in Xampp.In this post Question: how to use apc cache in php? we will show you php accelerators xampp bytecode, hear for install and/or enable a php accelerator (highly recommended). we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about php accelerator how to install PHP Accelerators in Xampp xcache with an example with install and/or enable a php accelerator centos 7 xampp. also you can read my prev article like as php cache config in eaccelerator.

How do I install or enable PHP accelerator?

There are the following the Steps for php accelerator xampp, install and/or enable a php accelerator (highly recommended). php zend cache

  • Step 1 : Check Phpinfo() Function zend opcache
  • Step 2: get a Extensions
  • Step 3 : Download DLL Extensions Files
  • Step 4 : Include DLL File
  • Step 5 : Changes In Php.Ini File
  • Step 6 : Dynamic Extensions Part

install PHP Accelerator in Xampp - phpaccelerator

To install step by step opcode caching PHP Accelerators in Xampp, We should Need to first of all go to your system in Xampp and here find php.ini main file (i.e. such as within C:xamppphp your computer System Xampp directory) and Include this simple dll line inside main steps to follow and Include Dynamic Extensions part : zend opcache php accelarator

Step 1 : Check phpinfo() function

lets start, To Learn you install and/or enable a php accelerators xampp simple Process of the PHP configuration(settings) via the PHP main Help function Like name as phpinfo()

Step 2: Extensions

Below get 2 the Information Like.

How To Install PHP Accelerator Xampp On Windows

such as version of the x86 or x64, NTS (Non Thread Safe) as well as TS main (Thread Safe)

Step 3 : Download DLL Extensions Files

And, You to step by step download the main changes corresponding DLL files (Add your PHP Latest xampp version):



PHP 7: php accelerator xampp

Step 4 : Include DLL file

Now,You to simple main xampp php accelerators using copy/paste the php.ini DLL file your directory within PHP Xampp extensions directory

Step 5 : Changes in php.ini File

And thenm to edit simple Xampp/wampp your system php.ini file (i.e. Path within Like as C:xamppphp Folders)

Step 6 : Dynamic Extensions part

Now Insert this Some line inside main PHP.ini file Dynamic Extensions part :

; Dynamic Extensions ;



NOTE :: You Should need To Your System restart Apache !

There Are 2 Main Type APC Versions.

  1. 1- VC6
  2. 2- VC9

How do I enable Intl extension in xampp?

  • step 1 go to the the xampp/php/php. ini file in any changes to editor.
  • Find the ";extension=php_intl.dll"
  • simple you can remove or delete the starting semicolon ( ; ) Example : ;extension=php_intl.dll. to. extension=php_intl.dll.
  • Update the xampp/php/php. ini file.
  • Last step to Restart your xampp/wamp with your system.

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