how to Convert a string to int in C++ ?

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Today, We want to share with you string to int c++.In this post we will show you convert string to int c++ , hear for int to strings c++ we will give you demo and example for implement.In this post, we will learn about convert char to string c++ with an example.

1. std::stoi

The standard approach is to use std::stoi methods for converting a string to an integer. stoi was additionals in C++11 and is defined in the main header [php][/php]. This throws std::invalid_argument or std::out_of_range exception on a bad input or integer overflow respectively. This is worth noting that it will convert the strings for example 10xyz to integer 10.



int main() {

std::string myStr = "10";

    int idxflg = std::stoi(myStr);
    std::cout << idxflg << '\n';
catch (std::invalid_argument const &e)
    std::cout << "Bad input: std::invalid_argument thrown" << '\n';
catch (std::out_of_range const &e)
    std::cout << "Integer overflow: std::out_of_range thrown" << '\n';

return 0;


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