how to call javascript function in html?

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In how to call javascript function in html, JavaScript is a programming language commonly used in single page web applicaiton to perform some js methods or pure js based functions that the HTML DOM cannot do. It can be help for get a really and tru data for validating forms, and accessing your browsers data, including the dynamic any run time Implements statement, module and more!

What is Function in JavaScript?

In example how to call javascript function in html, JS Functions are Main imp part as well as helfup in any devlop programming language like as a js, php or any client side as they make the scripts reusable A User-defined function is a block of scripts which will be run ot executed only if it is called. If you have a some source code lines of scripts that requires to be used more times, you can make a User-defined function added the repeating some basic lines of scripts and then this js call the User-defined function wherever you want.

How to Create a Function in JavaScript

  • Use the keyword function followed by the name of the User-defined function.
  • Now the User-defined function name, open as well as close parentheses.
  • Now parenthesis, open as well as close your function curly braces.
  • Within curly braces, write your lines of scripts.


function callJsUserFunc()

  lines of source scripts to be run or executed



    Functions!!! - call javascript function from html
      function callJsUserFunc()
        document.write("This is a simple function.<br />");


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