What's your obsession?

pagalprogrammer profile image Ankit Beniwal πŸ™‚ ・1 min read

It could be anything from a framework to a language or something completely not related to tech. So, What is it?

Mine is JVM 😊


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North Korea, I've been absolutely fascinated by this country for years now. To the point where I want to learn Korean to help out people if the regime were to suddenly collapse and the country finally open to the world. I believe such drastic change to a country would lead to a humanitarian crisis.


Humane πŸ€— but the dictator won't like the thought of collapse πŸ˜…πŸ˜…


I doubt he would πŸ˜‚ But in a world where almost everyone is part of globalisation and where the communist block collapsed, it's very plausible that it may happen in the future. South Korea is already preparing for it, the GDP difference between the two countries is unbelievably high and North Korea will likely need to be helped, it will be a social and economic shock.


In my earlier projects, I was often more fascinated with clean code than its functionality, spending hours on refactoring without adding a new feature.


Making dweets on dwitter.com


answer comments, chocolate cookies, Linux and fountain pen inks. Rust is getting there too.


Fountain pen fascinates me as well. βœ’οΈ


For now Express session management + role authorization :)


Apart from software development, I watched all videos related to Barsha pump. I have a land near a river, I wish one day I could build one.


Software development and the chance it gives me to bring value to people, making ther lives easier.


Nobody mentions that it also makes us lazier.


Javascript/TypeScript, React. Building native apps or electron apps with JS/React. Try to JS all the things.



Mushrooms! πŸ„ Not for eating, I just love studying them and know more about these weird beings!


Prob longest one would be Rust, recently reactive Java taking most of my time. In non tech would be tiny houses and alternavive living :)