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Hey ;D
With less than 2 week to the end of October and I just got 2 PRs in, I am here to ask: Where/How do you find your issues? As a Newbie I haven't had much luck :(

If you have a project or know some project where we can contribute with simple yet helpful issues, share!

My skills are HTML, CSS and Basic Modern JavaScript.
I can also Translate Portuguese(BR)/English and vice-versa.

Thank you!!!!

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Ugh, I feel you. Digging through tags can be a bit of slog when you gotta find the right balance of things you can grab and things that aren't taken already.

Don't forget that you can create PRs on your own projects! There's nothing against the rules about doing so, especially if you've already contributed to other projects.


That's what I ended up doing, after having trouble finding things I could work on. I'd had two PRs marked as ineligible, which motivated me to finally upload some of my small projects and do PRs on one of them.


Oof, that's rough. But at least you put yourself out there and tried.


I actually had no idea I could do PRs on my on projects!! Thank you !!


I contributed to the Zoo as well, a lot of fun!


Awesome, what animal did you do? I'm going to try a platypus🤘🤘



If you know about how to make svg icons you can colaborate here SuperTinyIcons
, also you can search for svg icons that are not converted to android drawables, in the page they guide you how to do it Android SVG to VectorDrawable

If you know about design patterns you can colaborate here Design patterns, you can study and search for those that are not there, also you can provides a README.md for those that are not explained yet.


Also you can colaborate helping to add great movie quotes here Popular-movie-quotes you can search for those that aren't added yet.


I have pretty much the same skills as you (minus the Portuguese!) and struggled to find projects that I could contribute to. I managed to find a few that needed files added, proofreading or some basic html/css updates.

This repo was one I bookmarked as they have a lot of course content that you can help proofread, update and enrich: github.com/Techtonica/curriculum

Good hunting!


github.com/search?q=hacktoberfest can be a good start, and then filter by your most preferred language. If the maintainer tagged issues with hacktoberfest you will find it easily.


issuehub.io its a great website to look through github repo issues.

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