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Discussion on: The four types of remote work

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José Martins Author

How is that related to whether are you remote or not? I never do remote and never will and I still decide my own hours and I can change them (and I do.)

You might have no stipulated work hours for office, but my personal experience tells me otherwise, however I agree there are exceptions (it's a good thing that they are). When you're a in distributed team for example, that concept isn't really applicable, as not everyone will have the same work schedule.

Also, I am still free to choose where I live, that’s why the connection takes 1hr/day, spent walking through beauty streets and possibly making stops for a cup of coffee.

I can't live in the same city I work in, and if I wanted to work on the city I live in, I'd have to pass on the current job I have, which I don't want to. Honestly, I don't think it should be one way or the other, especially given that I can perfectly do my job whilst being remote. Being remote also gives you the possibility to, for example, travel the world, while working for the same company, having the same job.

The biggest con of remote (the reason I am positive it’s a second-class citizen) would be inability to a) teach and b) learn through pair programming, through follow-up questions involving the necessity to briefly share a context before asking etc.

I agree that remote communication isn't the same (or doesn't come as easy) as in person, but I disagree that you couldn't teach or learn through pair programming. You have a wide set of tools that helps achieve just that, you just have to learn a different form of communication. Most of the communication will probably be done asynchronously (and this has a learning curve), but you could fallback to synchronous when needed (like a one-to-one call).