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Understanding React Context to Beginners or Lazy people 🥱

pabloobandodev profile image Pablo Obando ・2 min read

Do you know what's Context and how to use it with Hooks?

If you:

  • Doesn't understand the React Docs yet (in some moment you'll do it)
  • Only wants an explicit and easy tutorial 🦥

You're in the correct place!

What will be the path we will follow?

We're going to understand what is Context and what problem does it solve, then we're going through code!

Without further ado, let's do it 🏄‍♂️

In many applications, we have a state global (data which we need to manipulate in deferents parts of the app 💾)

Context, is a "state management" which provides a way to pass data through the component tree without having to pass props down manually at every level.

Now, we will through the steps to implement Context in our Apps

1- Creating our Context:

Code to create the Context Component

2- Subscribing our Components to the Context:

Every Context comes with a Provider, you need to wrap your components with the Provider this will allows to the components subscribe to the Context changes.

The Provider accepts a value prop to be passed to consuming components that are descendants

Context Provider

3- Consuming the Context in our component:

You can use a is a React component that subscribes to the Context changes which uses the "render props" technique to consume the value of the Context

In this example we're going to use the Hook useContext which accepts a Context object (the value returned from React.createContext) and returns the current Context value for that Context

Layout Component

Button Component

It's important to remember that the current Context value is determined by the value prop of the nearest above the calling component in the tree.

Well people this it's all, to this point I hope that you can create a Context, subscribed your components and change the current value of the Context since a child (look carefully out the second image of the step 3)

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Rohan Sawant

I clicked for the yawning emoji!
Stayed for the good read.

The emoji, that's now a thing? 🤔