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P42 for GitHub is now P42+

Over the last five months, P42 has grown from a code modernization tool for GitHub to a programming assistant for JavaScript and TypeScript with VS Code integration. The modernization included a significant update for P42+ (previously P42 for GitHub).

What has changed?

P42 JavaScript Assistant for VS Code Replaces Pull Request Creation

The P42 JavaScript Assistant adds 46 refactorings, cleanups, and code actions for JavaScript and TypeScript to VS Code. It replaces the previous pull request creation by P42. You now have complete control and flexibility to update single files and folders, test and review the changes, and land them in version control without being limited to P42-generated GitHub pull requests. As a bonus, P42+ now only needs read access to your GitHub repository.

Analysis Results on Repository Page

All analysis results are shown on a single repository page for each of your repositories now. P42 organizes the results by file so that you can find all suggestions for a single file in one place.

21 Additional Code Analyses

P42+ adds 21 code analyses that look for improvement opportunities in your codebase. For example, modernizations such as adding numeric separators and simplifications such as merging nested if statements. In total, P42+ has 32 analyses now. You can configure them in the "configure" tab of the repository page.

Public P42+ Results for Public Repositories

Starting Nov 15, the P42+ analysis results for public GitHub repositories will be available publicly on the P42 website. Analysis results for private repositories remain private (and cannot be publicly shared for security reasons).

New P42+ Team Plan Pricing

The new price for the P42+ Team plan is $9 per active contributor per month (previously $19). The price for the Personal plan is $4 per active contributor per month. P42+ is free for public open-source GitHub repositories. See the P42+ page for pricing plan details.

I hope the new features of P42+ will make your work easier!

Happy refactoring!

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