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I highly disagree with your support for fiverr. This has nothing to do with whether or not you can make a living through Fiverr but it is because people who know nothing about software development and web design pricing think that this work should be easy for us and thus should be paid cheaply. We as developers have to make a stand by not caving to low ballers simply because we may just need the money. Clients need to understand that good work requires plenty of time and a decent pay. Unfortunately, many devs outside of the US charge way too cheaply for these services, thus lowering expectations of pricing.


Thanks for your opinion, Oziel :)


There’s another way to look at it: view Fiverr et al as acquisition channels. Having seen the β€œbuying” side as well, the race to the bottom not only applies to prices but also quality, unfortunately. Whenever we contract someone from these platforms, we have to go through smaller projects since few people are willing to do an interview upfront. As Kyle pointed out, one small deal can lead to much bigger gigs and happy relationships and all you need to do is let quality shine through.


Exactly, Arne :) thanks for understanding it in context

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