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Discussion on: What's your attitude towards hype?

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Derek Rosenzweig

I say use the right tool for the job. If the tools you have work for your particular use case, and a replacement doesn't add any value, then why bother? I usually will look at the website to read about its capabilities, and see some examples of it if possible, before I decide whether to try it out. But then again I rarely code outside of work nowadays. Usually I'll look into a tool/framework if I'm interviewing at a place that requires it and I haven't used it before/in a while. Like, I haven't done any PHP or Ruby work in the last 3 years, so if I were to start up those again I'd be more likely to look at new options. I like Laravel as a framework and have used CakePHP before that, but it'd be worth seeing what else has come around since.

As long as you know the basics of the language you're using, know how to organize your code well, and understand the basic patterns and idioms, you can adapt to any framework.

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Madza Author

This is somewhat similar I feel about it too 😉
Thanks for your input 👍