re: How does your workplace approach Health and Wellness? VIEW POST

  • Health
    • an onsite gym or gym membership?None. But hoping a discounted gym membership
    • cycle to work scheme where the subsidise the cost of the bike?None. I would love to have this
    • health, life, travel insurance?Health insurance only
    • ergonomic workstations?Yes. Regularly checked
    • healthy snacks and lunches?None. Bring your own

    • Wellness
    • financial advice or planning sessions?
    • None.
    • social clubs and activities for teams?None. that i am aware of
    • opportunities to work from home or flexitime?Yes, Work from home but got taken back. We have a flexible time schedule
    • a day each year to give back to the community with a volunteer day?None.
    • access to counselling for you or your family?None. that im aware of

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