how to write a blog about my journey to learn webdev?

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this literally my first post here, so go easy on me.
i just want to make a weekly blog about what i learnt, but i don't want to be writing 'i learnt ... and i learnt also ... and ...', so how can i go about it!
thank you in advance

PS: i'm familiar with the MERN stack(i can somehow make an 80s style notes app), but i wanna be more intermediate


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Hi @oussamaghrib ,

Here's one suggestion: write the post as if you were teaching someone else. That way, it's less of a "This is what I learned" summary and more of an "I'm going to teach you about this concept" post. Include links to any projects, articles, or resources that you found helpful. And to make the blog post even more focused, you can give each week a "theme".

Hope this helps, and good luck!


I think it's totally fine to say what you've learned. It's good to include both code snippets and explanations, and then if you can make a github project with all of the source code and a well-documented readme.md file, that's a nice added bonus. Doing things like that will help to reach a more professional approach.


set yourself a topic for the week. Start the post with what it is, what it means, and then go into how it's used, or can be used. Pull together different resources you've used

That way, you're making it less about you, and more about the topic. You can then build up a historic archive of areas which you have covered, but also gather the great information from multiple sources together for it.


You could start coming up with your own project ideas and comment on how what you learned could be applied to those projects. Or you could turn this into more of a "how to" instead of an "I learned". Similar but more room for ideas in my opinion. Good luck!! I'm starting a bootcamp in a few weeks and will be blogging the journey myself so I get it!


Just go for it mate!😁


Well, I built a website that is created for the purposes of sharing a journey on a timeline called MyJourney.. you could share your journey in steps there!(:


Didn’t know .page was a possible url


Me either till we did this.(: