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Obed Osei Frimpong

I write APIs with Go and Java. JS is part of my life too. ROR was my go-to.

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South China University of Technology


Software Engineer at Decathlon

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How the Web Works (For Backend Devs)

Great article! Thanks.

What computer mouse do you use?

I use the MX Master 2 and it's amazing. I have been using it ...

What is your fitness routine?

I exercise almost every day. The reason being that, I work fo...

What do you call your folder where you keep your code?


Workspace Wednesday: Show me pics of your at-home setup

I have been using Nextstand 2 for 4 years now. It is really h...

Create your own snippets in VS Code

This is nice but how do you store them when you are changing ...

Free Admin Dashboards - Coded by Freelancers

I am using Ngx-admin, It's not ...

What makes some engineering teams so successful?

Right! Thanks, Tom.

How I Got Hired at DEV (and Every Other Tech Job)

Thank you, Jacob! I am benefiting a lot from your podcast. ...

25 Pitfalls When Learning to Program

Thank you!

7 Mistakes That Keep You Behind

This is a great article. I always compare myself to senior ...

What Job Would you Want To Be Doing if You Weren’t Coding?

I always had a dream of becoming a pilot until I found soft...

🧠 Learn! 5 Github Repos With Great Free & Open Source Resources

Thanks, guys! My weekend is going to awesome with all these...

Those silly mistakes we all make

I left out a backlash in an endpoint. I had to ask for help...

Welcome Thread - v33

My name is @oseifrimpong and chanced on while searc...