should DEV.TO be banned from 9am to 5pm ?

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ive just spent the last hour browsing such great articles on DEV.TO and havent even started todays project - 'you' the DEV.TO community are just TOO good ! (reminds me of the good old ning and vox days)

the irony is that i was on DEV.TO in the first place to find relevant articles and i have found some VERY relevant ones but i also clicked on dozens of SEE ALSO links

MAYBE i should create a feature request to block SEE ALSO links between 9 and 5 ? would that be the answer ? OR i could create browser extension to block them ? NOOOOOO that would be another distraction

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Ha ha actually it would be a cool feature to for dev to include and option like this

don't allow me to view between these times

and a checkbox to with times to take effect

@dev team please take note !!!


OMG please, just spent the entire day reading posts and Docker documentation. Someone has to stop me hahaha


i have the same problem :) would you like to sign my "can they please ban DEVTO during working hours" petition :)


Are you learning stuff and building stuff? Then how can it be bad?


yes great for ME but bad for my manager as i am missing all her deadlines :)

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