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Discussion on: I need help To build a React App

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Orhan Özkerçin

I was exactly the same place with you couple of monts ago. I am not super developer but I can tell what I did.
First I suggest you to learn basics of ES6. If you are comfortable with Javascript and I can say that there are tons of courses and tutorials about React. I shared couple of them which I think nice to follow.

To understand basics of React:
This is another basics of React Series:

Personaly I didn't get comfortable after this series and I moved with codeacademy which is

After those steps I moved with Udemy Course

Lots of courses they are not showing Hooks, you'll see hooks everywhere but don't feel bad about it because in my opinion you really need learn class components first (old version of using hooks).

I'm not saying this is the best way but these are the steps I followed.

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Yogesh Chavan

This udemy course is the best course for Learning React from scratch along with Hooks