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Discussion on: What was your "Deliberate Practice" this week?

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Wow, I haven't read the book but after this summary I definitely will; Newport seems to have identified some 'rules' that I already live by :)

Rule 1 is wonderful. The idea that everyone must have an external, identifiable passion to pursue has always irked me. I have strong interests but they're hard to define, and what I'm passionate about has changed many times over the years. Meanwhile, I've managed to find a lot of satisfaction doing work that doesn't necessarily align with my passion externally, but allows me to practice continual learning, self-improvement, and pushing my edges... which in and of themselves are enjoyable and worthwhile.

Rare and valuable skills:

  • Active listening
  • Not taking things personally
  • Time management
  • Comfortable saying no (this is also a practice)

As a manager most of the time, my deliberate practice has been taking Fridays to steep in technical work and learning, something I love but don't get enough of in my current role. Oh, and lunchtime naps.

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Awesome! You have already been performing deliberate practice in some shape or form.