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Well, you're kinda right. I still do think that there's a good reason to use Java or Kotlin for Android development because most of open-source dependencies for Android projects are for JVM languages. But that's only my 2 cents, of course there's lot of another possibilities (e.g. Flutter, React Native, or C#).
At the end, it's only up to you :)


I think you kinda missed the point of the discussion 😉I use Java almost everyday for my Android development.
I am talking about that surveys imo don't give a clear option to select Android as an option (language and/or framework), I only see Java and I don't think that I am Java developer but an Android developer.


Yes, sorry, I have completely missed the point; I have a (bad) tendency to look at the title and then react, but I'll read the whole articles to details, I promise. Also I 100% agree with you (I was also an Android developer for some time).

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