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My Journey as I enter programming world!

So I am Om Shah and this is my story about How I ended up in programming world. Alright so in India it's like Computers = Science, Commerce = Bad marks so easy subject and Arts = Isse aacha padhai kar lete(english - Should have studied better than doing this) Lol. Alright so when I was in primary and high school which is 9th and 10th, I loved maths because I had this idea like to solve any problem, I would try to solve it and if can't I would just look at the final answer and try getting the answer from question(Question + Do something = Answer). Unfortunately, my teacher where like you are wrong, you technique is wrong and all the stuff but I liked the idea and continued to do it. At 9th, we were given a choice from science and commerce and I took science in which we get choice from PE, Drawing and Computer. Ok I didn't know what is computers and what it does who the hell he is but we had a trend in school which was Computer === Dude this guy is smart so I gave the aptitude test and I passed. YAYY! So the whole purpose of taking computer was to look smart and cool. And I was loving Computer, we were taught JAVA and I loved it. Computer was something that worked with my idea which was Question + Do something = Taada Answer. Sound familiar, Input + write something(code) = Output. So that was one reason I loved it also it is challenging and I love that challenge. It gives me motivation to do it. But after 9th, someone came who made me lazy and I forgot what is studying and computer, Coronavirus. THANKS DUDE! Well I completed 10th and I had a option to take science, commerce and arts and I chose Commerce and there's no tuning back to science if you take commerce. Why did I took commerce? Well I was lazy and no friends thanks to covid. Yes, I lost my mind and I wasn't guided to be honest. I am guy who won't easily share my feelings to anyone. So ok here we are, Om taking Commerce so Chapter of Computers is closed. Well not that quick, yes I was lost but I didn't lost the hope or is it love to programming IDK. So I started learning from net. I studied from Harvard from their course called CS50. I love it and y'all shall also have a look in it. Thanks Harvard and David Malan. It was the start of new chapter called learning on my own. I learned programming for like 1 year but I am lazy, and procrastinate a lot, I still am so it's like 6 months I guess. But I am trying to be productive so yeah I am developing I guess. Now, I am in 12th, Date is 1st Feb 2023 and I am just Next.js away from Building Web Apps and sites. But I have my Boards in just 20 days but I am managing time to learn it. After 12th, I am gonna do some crazy stuff hopefully with @dhravya . Btw he is the guy who kinda motivates me to learn programming, he and many other. So that's my journey.
Signing off,(I always wanted to say this, it's so cool lol)
Om Shah.

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Helll yeah! Keep documenting everything.

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