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I'm not sure why this argument about frameworks sucking continues all over blogs and YouTube. I mean c'mon guys, as developers we have to stop resisting change. Every industry continues to grow no matter what industry you are a part of. If this logic was correct we'd all still be coding in Pascal. We have to deal with it. Nothing lasts forever. And we have to continue upping our skills. This would be the same in the education field, marketing, accounting, etc. There will always be new research, and new ways to do things. And when you continue learning it's called professional development. I'm sorry that the web is not some static unchanging thing, but it is and technology continues to evolve. And with evolving technology comes new tools and evolving tools at the least. I mean if anyone wants to write your app in vanilla JavaScript everyone is completely welcome to and skip a framework. But frameworks will continue to grow and evolve. I think part of the problem is perhaps people not picking. Just choose one and continue to follow it on its path. If you're angular be angular and follow the community. If you're react be react and just follow it. So then you're not as shocked when changes and upgrades happen. But we cannot continue this argument that code should never evolve and continue complaining about frameworks evolving.


Mhh I don't fully understand how you came to the conclusion that code should never change?

I was saying that we should now jump to the new thing: Web Components v1.

They were released way way after react,vue or angular.

Maybe this was my fault but I'm not against frameworks I'm just against splitting up a small community of developers who actually contribute to these frameworks and then make them even smaller.

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