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Discussion on: Which one has a better future? blockchain or full stack developer.

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Olyno • Edited on

I'm going to write this post trying to answer the majority's question here: "Web 3.0 is a solution looking for a problem"

If web 3.0, and cypto in general was created, it is because therefore there are problems. Here are some real life examples of why we need web 3.0:

No retirement

In many countries, no pension is available. In France for example, we have access to a pension offered by our government, but the age to get it is only getting older, and therefore it is very likely that our generation (1990 - 2005) will not have access to it.

Thanks to web 3.0 and more particularly to the different farms or staking, I see here a long term solution to get a deserved retirement.

I would add to that the problem of the different savings which are 2% maxiumum, against 5 - 10% in crypto.

Lack of confidence

As we know, humans can be corrupt. Whether it's with elections, tracking information or any other form that needs a human, everything can be corrupted.

Thanks to web 3.0, you don't trust anyone, only the network (which is trusted) will be there for you. I prefer to vote via blockchain for our next president than to go to the polls so that in the end the result may be rigged.

New economy

As an open source developer in my spare time, I don't get anything on my creations, even if they are used by hundreds or thousands of people. In total, I had to earn 3$ (without taxes, otherwise 1.5$). This debate comes up often, but many independent creators can't live from their passions.

Thanks to web 3.0, blockchains allow to create a new economy used exponentially and becoming mainstream as the years go by. Whether it's via the retirement that I mentioned above, or with the play to earn games, or the fundraising that is done online in 5 minutes, the remuneration of independent artists via NFTs for example, and so on.

Open source

In today's web, we don't know what companies do with our data, the bugs that can be present....

Thanks to web 3.0, and the fact that everything is open source (yes, even the contracts you interact with) allows us to have total control over what happens.

I could go on in many other categories in which blockchain would be the solution to a problem, such as insurance, or personal data sharing, but I think I have said the most important points in my opinion.

Small call to action from me, don't hesitate to have a look in my post about web 3.0 and if this technology is ready to use or not:

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Ali Navidi Author

Wow, thank you very muchπŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»