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Discussion on: Fellow devs: Stop building on the blockchain

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Good article !

There will be no real use cases for blockchain

I don't agree with it. The blockchain has many uses but, for the moment, not exploited. All this is mostly due to our society:

  • Crypto currencies can't develop because of the central banks in the different countries.
  • NFTs can't either because of the "scandal" about it. Selling images at very high prices is not representative of the technology, but is representative of what people have made up their minds.

A concrete example of usefulness: Netflix wants to increase the price of subscriptions for members who share their accounts.

Problem: the easiest way to check this sharing would be to check the geolocation of the devices. But if we are a couple, and one of the members goes abroad for professional reasons, the account will be taxed in an unjustified way.

The NFT solve this problem. Each user must have a NFT from Netflix as a proof of purchase. Since the NFT is stored in a wallet, it is far too difficult to lend your wallet to someone else.

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Can Olcer Author

I'm sorry, but what you're saying doesn't make a lot of sense. People still could share the login for their wallet to circumvent this.

In fact, Netflix can solve the probably very easily: Instead of account sharing, let family accounts connect up to X amount of accounts to the family account (e.g., like Spotify) and then only allow one active session per account.