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You confuse the government and the population of a country a lot. Russia is in itself a dictatorship:

Definition of a dictatorship:

Concentration of all powers in the hands of an individual, an assembly, a party, a class.

Therefore, many people living in Russia did not choose to start this war. From what I see, you seem to be lumping all Russians into one camp.

Also, the fact that we do not take part in the war and the conflict does not mean that we choose the side of the aggressor and that we support his actions.

Definition of something neutral:

One who refrains from taking sides.

Inaction is the very principle of neutrality.

Finally, we are dealing here with a propaganda:

Definition of a propaganda:

Action exercised on the opinion to make it have and support certain ideas (especially political ones).

This is what Ukraine is doing lately, and especially what people all over the world are doing by specifying their sides and showing their support to Ukraine.

Again, I'm just being neutral, and I wish everyone else was. Unfortunately, I understand that empathy can distort one's view of a situation, and I am the first to be saddened by what is going on. I wouldn't want to experience what the Ukrainians go through every day, and I support their courage.

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I can only repeat that none of the things that make this a black-and-white issue where Russia is the only one at fault has anything to do with propaganda. Claiming so is, at best, painting a very skewed picture where Russia may have valid reasons for invading Ukraine. At worst it's actively undermining the truth and excusing war crimes.

Propaganda will always be used on both sides of any armed conflict. Pointing this out in this case is like watching someone get stabbed only to point out that they called the other guy a dumbass the day before. It's just surreal.