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I created a platform where you can solve React challenges ( πŸš€ (PWA)

Cool, perfect!

VS Code Tip of the Week: The Timeline Panel

Great, thanks a lot for sharing!

SOLID: Dependency Inversion Principle in JavaScript and TypeScript

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Five* JavaScript concepts for your next interview

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The (Most Comprehensive) JavaScript Design Principles Guide

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250+ JS Resources to Master Programming πŸ’₯ Cheat Sheet

Brilliant! Thanks a million for your work.

ES6 Cheatsheet πŸ”₯ - All You Need πŸš€

Great, thanks a million for your work.

WCAG 2.1, Simplified: How to Make Your Website Accessible

Brilliant! Thanks a million for your work. Easy to read and u...

21 GitHub Repositories to Become a JavaScript Master πŸ“šπŸš€

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Hashmaps like you've never seen them

Great and easy to read. Thanks for sharing!

Create a backend in Javascript (part 3): NodeJS Files and Folders Manipulation

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NodeJS + Express part 6: MongoDB database

Thank you. Easy to read with good examples.

NodeJS + Express part 5: Routes and Controllers

Thanks for good structure example.

NodeJS + Express part 4: CRUD API

Thanks, good explained.

NodeJS + Express part 2: Route parameters

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NodeJS + Express part 3: Middleware

Thanks for good examples and explanation.

NodeJS + Express part 1: Introduction

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JavaScript object destructuring usages you must know

Great! Thanks for sharing.

A developer's way of using shell aliases

Great! It is inspirational article. Thanks for sharing. As fo...

CSS Grids Simplified!

Great! Thanks for sharing.

A Visual Guide to React Rendering - Cheat Sheet

Great article and examples! Thanks for sharing.

useRef vs useState hook in React

Great! Thanks for sharing.

Best Practices for React Developers in 2021

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Nginx Cheatsheet

Great, thanks for sharing!

Level Up Your CSS with These 50+ Resources

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Ultimate FREE Javascript Resources

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A beginner's guide to applying color in UI design

Great and nice explained! Thanks for sharing.

Introduction to Regular Expressions

Great, easy to read, thanks for sharing!

πŸš€10 Trending projects on GitHub for web developers - 15th January 2021

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Different Use Cases of console.log - You should use when debugging JavaScript

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34 Chrome Extensions for Productivity πŸ”₯

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17 Pro JavaScript tricks you didn't know

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101 Bash Commands and Tips for Beginners to Experts

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18 basic git commands you don't want to miss

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10 Inspiring Ideas for Your Next Front-End Project

Awesome, inspirating list. Thanks for sharing.

Add Google Login to your React Apps in 10 mins

Great! Thanks for sharing. There is a little issue with goog...

Top 42 React resources every developer should bookmark [Latest]

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Optimize React functional components with Hooks

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3 Mistakes Every React Beginners Make (are you one of them?)

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10 useful HTML file upload tips for web developers

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My Favorite JavaScript Tips and Tricks

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Top 10 React Hook libraries

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Stop using .htaccess files! No, really.

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The CSS background-image property as an anti-pattern

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Build File Upload/Download Functionality with Image Preview using MERN stack

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JavaScript apply, call & bind Simplified

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Make your first CSS art 😍

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3 Secrets behind single div CSS art

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Build a REST API with Node, Express & MongoDB!

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Javascript console API : 9 helpful tips

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