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re: Fantastic Post Elena!! I am working towards finding the middle ground. In my current job, delivering the product takes priority over quality of t...

For me it's the opposite. I've recently worked at a company where we focused on end-user value. A feature that was badly needed by lots of people got priority, and bugs that could easily be reproduced but wouldn't bother so many people got down prioritized. Which is as it should be if you ask me. Well, it all depends on what kind of software you're talking about and how critical it is for the business. And now I work at a company where the focus is more on code quality and we try to make sure no bugs slip in.

To me there is a point of diminishing returns. To fix all and every bug is going to require an infinite amount of time because as soon as you touch the code you risk introducing new bugs. For me I can't stop imagining how many actual end users will be affected by a certain bug. If one or two people is going to be bothered by this bug once or twice, it may not be worth spending even a 1/30th of my salery to try to fix it with the additional risk of introducing new bugs, which always happens. And for me to spend a week on something, it's got to be a bug that causes real problems for people. End user value is what it is all about and whether it is financially worthwhile to spend time on it.

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