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Discussion on: Can React state management get any simpler than this?

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To provide some additional context (no pun intended) to Vladamir's comments...

I'm sure some developers are still using Redux because they "don't want to consider any changes in their existing apps and don't want to try new tools in their new projects." Familiarity is an advantage but ought to be weighed against the benefits which alternatives would bring. Sensible developers won't only use Redux because it's familiar, but novelty should not be the only reason to switch.

I'm still someone who uses Redux because I've not yet tried a state management library which provides enough benefit to justify the switch. If I want to tell the people that I work with that we're making the switch away from Redux, I'll be talking to smart people, and they'll rightly want to know why it is that we're making this switch. Right now I don't feel like I could provide an adequately watertight answer.

For all the same reasons, if someone already knows a library like Recoil, they are right to consider why they would switch to Redux, when they know a perfectly good solution to the same problem.

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Every time i work with Mobx i'm so happy about how easy and intuitive it is. Worked with Redux and Effector, but Mobx nails it for me.