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Oliver Obenland

Hello, I’m Oliver, I am a full stack developer at a company which fights blood cancer.
I learned coding myself when I was eleven years old. Since 2011 I work as a software developer in different fields. But I didn’t learned as much about how valuable clean code is or about the social part and politics of software development as I currently do. is a big knowledge base where I found many very useful and interesting article which helped me to get through a mentally rough time.

Most of the time I listen to classical music but
Interstellar by Hans Zimmer helps me to get really focused, so I listen to this song for a few hours on repeat.

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Lynne Finnigan

Welcome Oliver!

Sounds like an interesting company that you work for, and I'm glad the community helped you through a rough time.

Hopefully some time you can share some articles or thoughts on the value of clean code :)