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re: It is not about JavaScript maturity; it is about design choice. Garbage Collectors based languages are not used in mission-critical tasks because t...

Research a bit the origins of Erlang. This is a garbage collected real-time capable language and runtime environment used in mission critical systems like telephone switches, that handle millions of connections. So, you argument is not fully true. It boils down to, that they use a realtime capable languages for mission critical systems. And that was a very good design choice!

Yes true, it is all about stronger determinism guarantees.

Also, I agree in case of garbage collected (GC) Functional Programming languages, GC can offer stronger determinism due to immutability imposed by these languages which make them realtime capable. Even in case of Java, there are some GC algorithms can offer determinism guarantees.

So in the end, any language runtime, if it can provide stronger determinism guarantees can be used for mission critical systems.

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