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Discussion on: What tools have you built?

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Carlos Eduardo Pérez Villanueva

Well, I have built two tools that I used while developing my first game ever published.

The first tool was a localization editor. Since I made the game on a budget of basically zero dollars, I couldn't afford a fancy localization tool from Unity's asset store, so I made my own which works with key/value pairs. Although I don't have a link for it, I made a tweet about it right here:

My other tool was a pattern editor. Since my game uses patterns to spawn elements in a match, hard-coding those patterns was VERY cumbersome and resulted in a code file of almost 2,000 lines. So I made a custom editor where I could add patterns with a graphical interface and that's how I've been working with patterns ever since then. I never tweeted about it but it's such an integral part of the game that made the development feasible and ended up in a published game.