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Keeping up the Digital transformation

There are many challenges developers go up against, especially while switching jobs, and there’s a whole host of tools out there that you’re expected to adapt to quickly. As a developer, if you get into writing code full time, or want to increase your productivity - there’s loads of tools and systems you can use. Many organizations, like us, are moving and adopting new tech to increase flexibility, streamline operations, and stay abreast with changes in the marketplace.

We have been sharing our workflows on all the amazing things we do at our workplace. Now that we’re almost winding up with 2022; it's time to reflect on what we have achieved and what more can be done to upskill ourselves and give back to the developer community.

If we observe the current growth and the trends in the latest technologies, the following three roles are the most requested:

1. DevOps Engineering

DevOps Engineering
Source - Google

DevOps is one of the most significant technology shifts in the recent past; the drastic improvement in time to market has made it immensely popular. It is a unified and seamless integration of the Development + Operations process and is called DevOps. OLA Campus Pune works with multiple stakeholders, including connected vehicles, the Internet of Things (IoT), factory automation and much more. All stakeholders in continuous development and continuous deployment(CICD).

DevOps simplifies setting up infrastructure using code, automation and re-use with CICD pipelines and code deployments in a much more systematic way.

Very soon, this skill will be considered mandatory for all developers. Today it is the most sought-after skill in the market, and it is rated as the top skill in Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2019

2. Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Source: Google

With continuous development & deployment keeping everything in the local server is not the path to be taken. Cloud services like AWS, Google & Microsoft Azure solve this problem.
Cloud Computing is an excellent platform for Technical (Developers, Testers, Networking experts) and Non-Technical (Non-Coders, Business Analysts, and Managers ) resources to learn and become relevant in the age of Digital Transformation.

This is a must-have skill for the future. Cloud Computing can bring huge CapEx savings. Hence there is a massive demand for Cloud Engineers today, which will continue the same in the future era of virtualization. Gartner Survey says Cloud Computing remains the top emerging technology. The latest serverless implementations within the cloud computing industry are reducing the overall carbon emission through big data centers.

3. Big Data Engineering

Big Data Engineering

Source: Google

Big Data Engineering is a process of large-scale data ingestion and transformation; the word large-scale data, or humongous data, is the key here. As we all know, "Data is the new OIL"; every product, software, antivirus, appliance, mobile app, and insurance product is now data-driven. Hence, essentially, Data Engineering is the backbone of all modern systems. Hence companies are hiring Data Engineers in large numbers.

Ola is one of the most extensively used ride-hailing apps in India, which means there are Petabytes of anonymized data related to the movement of vehicles that we work with.

With the current speed of technical growth in both startups and corporates, even experienced candidates with 10+ years of experience are looking to get into this Digital Transformation.

Yogesh Dipankar, Our Director in Telematics, who has been in the industry for 19 years, takes these behemoth tasks in his stride & imbibes the phrase “Make in India for the world”. His work on telematics, automation & cloud data engineering powers many projects at Ola. He was kind enough to share some advice to anyone interested in getting into this digital transformation. According to him, the top two skills one should start to invest their learning time in are:

Cloud Technologies

  • All the Public Cloud Providers ( AWS, Azure, GCP ) provide free credits on trail to test out their services
  • He suggests - one should make use of this free trial account to build small web- applications, APIs or services
  • There is a huge demand for Cloud professionals and recruiters/hiring managers would like to hire resources with cloud exposure
  • The point is gaining work experience in the cloud is very easy. All you need to do is take the first step and create your Free Trial Account.
  • Just be careful to deactivate an account after the Free Trial period is over to avoid putting it onto your card.


  • Python is the most popular language. It is heavily used in Data Engineering and Data Science/ ML/AI
  • Python is also extensively used in Web Development and Application Development
  • Python is used in API Development
  • Python is the number one choice for Cloud-Native app development,
  • Cloud Native Development includes various arms of DevOps.

All these three skills are interconnected with a good amount of overlap, but they are still distinct. We highly encourage everyone: Students, Freshers, Trainees, Junior to Mid Level or even Senior to Executive Level, technical or non-technical, to get familiar with Cloud Computing - to begin with. You can choose any cloud provider, whether Azure, AWS or Google.

While moving fast with the digital transformation, it does require you to be productive and make sure you’re taking care of yourself and health. Our suggestion to get over and evaluate and accommodate to current speed must Plan, prioritize, divide & conquer.

OLA Campus Pune believes Getting a job or a profession is just the beginning. Gradually one needs to keep improving and progressing. Following up with the trends and upskilling yourself will give you a leg up on others, but remember to stay consistent with it!

We look forward to sharing more of our workflows in the coming days. If you have some feedback or have found this blog post of your interest, do connect with us!


Khalid & Yogesh

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