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Discussion on: Building a Graph in SQL Land

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andrew • Edited on

I would rephrase it a bit: Do I even need INSERT SHINY THING HERE? I really need it NOW?

enphasis should be on building evolvable software. Descisions of today should not be implemented in a way that they are set in stone - and all the pain and fear of making THE DESCISION will go away. Implementing graph in sql is a very good idea, as you try out new data structure without overhead of leaning how to run and query niché solution. When data structure was proven to pay off, you should have used all abstraction levels a good developer places here and there to swap it for more mature and flexible tool. This is what IoC is there for, remember all your interviews? “... well with ioc in orm layer we can change database from mysql to ...”

there are ways to achieve reasonable separation of concerns - by watching at abstraction levels you have in single module (as in class) and extract something that doesnt fit )

experimenting is awesome, but we all need to learn how to do it safely )