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Why I am using Kubernetes for game dev?

Alexandr Korsak on January 03, 2019

Hi everyone. It's a really nice time to publish the new post about the new area that I am trying to learn and build something exciting. Let's say ... [Read Full]
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I would drop the containers for static websites and use GitLab pages (or something similar), less services to worry.

Also u say 3 replicas but you have 3 nodes entirely hmm. I hope you did not put the database in K8s 🤔


Hey Adrian. Don't see any issues with database in k8s. Why don't I need to use it there? You don't know our metrics, I would say now it's ok, later I would need to have more nodes, more performance. for database I have persisted volume, provisioned in digitalocean. it would become so easy to migrate just in case because everything stored.

it's good point about gitlab pages, didn't try to do it. not sure how easy it would be automate the changes deployment. Going to check it out.

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