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re: What do you install first on a new laptop? VIEW POST


I use Dell XPS13's for work, and PRO for home (even working at an all-macbook's company), both with Debian GNU/Linux


  • synaptic (apt package manager GUI)
  • ubuntu/terminus fonts
  • chrome
  • customized dotfiles


  • terminator (tiled & tabbed terminal emulator for gnome)
  • git, gitg
  • gvim (+ custom setup)
  • docker+docker compose


  • dropbox daemon
  • firefox

How are you finding the slimbook? I've been tempted to get one, but have been holding off until I find a detailed set of reviews.


I love it! mine is a previous model and I am very happy. I requested mine with Debian and it came perfectly installed with support for all the hardware. I do also use a (older, more expensive, company provided) dell xps13, and will go with slimbook for my next purchase without a doubt.


I used to when I was reliant on rvm for my ruby needs, now most of that happens in docker containers. I mean, I still have rvm and build rubys outside docker, but they are no longer my first concern.

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