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re: I think it will do really well. The key would be to shrink down that tailwind css file as much as you can, and even minimize it if possible. In ter...

I've used tailwind a bit and usually run it through the PurgeCSS pipeline to cut down the size.

It pretty much just does a grep for every tailwind class in your vue/js/html files and if there is no match - it removes it from the css file. You can over-ride it if you're doing some fancy inline-template/variable-substitution stuff too :-)

It's especially nice as you don't need to change the tailwind config at all while you are developing - so you don't find yourself deleting a load of stuff then thinking 'damn, I wish I had those orange background colours after all...' ;-)

This is a super tip. I'll edit the article accordingly and credit you! Thank you!

Goodness - it's like christmas has come early :-D Thank you! :-D

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