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Creating and Instantiating a simple class in python

Johnson Ogwuru on November 29, 2017

Last month i started taking a course on python and i stumbled on a tutorial on object oriented programming from the python perspective, and through... [Read Full]
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Nice. Some constructive criticism:

Try using the markdown blocks for code:

code = awesome

Makes for a more readable page and saves you time (copy and paste code instead of taking and uploading screenshots) and allows readers to copy code directly.


Thanks alot, I'm new here. I actually appreciate the help, would start using that.


I think your way of explaining is amazing. I was confusing while going through the code somewhere else to understand the same concept. You explained it in such a simple manner that I could understand it.


I'm happy you enjoyed it, thanks for the kind words


Kindly update this image.

There appears to be a typo.
emp_1 repeated instead of emp_2


am writing a simple program where i want the userInput to be the instance of my class but i have failed to do so for example

name = input("Enter your name")

name = SomeClass(name)

so i can be able to perform some methods on it


plz do more of the great tutorials - they rock !!!!


I needed it this simple for it to make sense lol thanks

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