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re: Bro, you went from "Prove it" to "Can you find any reason..." to "Don't talk to me", Fail!

Says you. In my opinion, you failed, "bro." I'm not interested in wasting my time talking with someone who isn't keeping up, "bro."

First of all, one example proves nothing. Anecdota. As you'd surely be saying if our positions were reversed, with the same "I win!" attitude you have here.

Second, that comparison isn't a good one. Generally--but with so many caveats and sabotaging factors as to be barely worth discussing--more productive developers leads to better software. However, you're comparing networking and operating system APIs (a backend concern, for developers) to graphical user interfaces (a frontend concern, for non-developers). Lower-level APIs for software engineers to hook up program-to-program are not in the same problem space as high-level presentation languages for designers or interfaces for end users to utilize program-to-human.

The latter is a lot harder than the former to bikeshed to death and endlessly reinvent in different programming paradigms, because humans are diverse and subjective and end users don't care about religious wars over programming paradigms. If you were front end, you'd know that, because it'd be your job.

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