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Ethan's Weekly Software Engineering Journal (Week of 7/17/22 - 7/23/22)

Things I learned and worked on this week!


  • 8 kyu rank JavaScript CodeWars challenge and push to GitHub repo using WSL and git.
  • HireVue technical assessment for JP Morgan Chase.
  • Signed up for Hackerrank to complete JP Morgan Chase coding test.


  • 8 kyu rank JavaScript CodeWars challenge and push to GitHub repo using WSL and git.
  • Researching APIs for 100devs homework - Link
  • Brainstorming ideas to update my portfolio page I started.


  • 8 kyu rank JavaScript CodeWars challenge and push to GitHub repo using WSL and git.
  • NCR 2022 hackathon project team meeting.
  • Listened to some of the hackathon tech talks while working.
  • Completed HackerRank FizzBuzz coding challenge for a practice test. Helped me get familiar with the platform.
  • JP Morgan & Chase HackerRank technical interview coding challenge - bombed it pretty hard, but I almost got to a working solution for question 1 of 2. Second one stumped me. Learned what to look out for in the future with these types of interview questions. Going to keep learning JavaScript, doing CodeWars and try out some Leetcode/HackerRank in the future.


  • Found Cracking the Coding Interview 6th Ed. PDF on GitHub. Read Chapter 1 to learn more about coding challenges for interviews after my experience yesterday. Going to save this one for later and refer back to it. I’ve seen good things about it online. - Link


  • Virtually attended Google's Cloud Hero BQML event with NCR:
  • Learned about Google Cloud Platform, BigQuery, AI, ML, Deep Learning.
  • Completed Google Cloud Self-Paced Labs:
    • Created a machine learning model, a classification model and a forecasting model
    • Used bq - a python-based command line tool for BigQuery
    • Used BigQuery Machine Learning (BQML) - created a classifcation model predicting whether a visitor to Google Merchandise Store makes a transaction.
    • Used an ecommerce dataset with BigQuery to help businesses find out about customer puchasing habits.
    • Created a ML forecasting model in BigQuery to predict NYC taxi cab ride fares.
  • I even got stuck on one of the labs and got 1-1 help from actual Google employees live!
  • This was super interesting, can't wait to learn more about cloud platforms, how to work with big datasets, AI, ML and deep learing in general.
  • Started looking into Spring some more, read up on their website. Found a video on a talk about how Netflix started to use Spring at the SpringOne conference in 2019 - Link

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