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Hey all! I'm Nick and I'm self-learning to be a fullstack web developer. I took the risk and let my current job know that I am ending my time with them at the end of this year and I'm terrified. I felt like I was on pace and retaining what I've been learning but recently, I've hit a little bit of a brick wall. I somehow landed a fullstack developer internship (which feels like it's massively exposing what I don't know), I took a test on to assess to start applying for jobs on there (which... I did really bad on), I decided to return to some basic, simple projects (and feel like I've forgotten everything) and I'm nervous that I won't find something by the end of the year.

I saw a great article about finding community at and thought I'd throw out where I currently am in my journey to become a developer. Anyone in the same boat? Anyone help anyone that's in this boat!? Would love some help ^_^" haha.

Looking forward to leaning into this community more and learning from people's experience and insight!