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Nuzair Nuwais
Nuzair Nuwais

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Record User Sessions on

If you are an indiehacker or a maker, you may have already heard/used For those who haven’t, it’s a No-Code landing page builder that allows you to create responsive landing pages in minutes!

With the help of TrueStory analytics you can now add the ability to capture and replay user sessions of your visitors. Before you get started, make sure you have a paid plan with

  • Go to your Carrd web site editor and add an “Embed” component
  • Change the type to “Code” and give the label a name ('TrueStory')
  • Change the style to “Inline” and copy your TrueStory script tag into the code field.
  • Save and Publish your site. That’s it!

Your TrueStory dashboard should already start showing you stats and screen recordings that’ll help you better understand your users.

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