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Follow me on The OPS Community!

On May 26th, I received an invitation via email from Ben Halpern (creator of this DEV Community and co-founder of Forem) to join a new space created under Forem which is similar with DEV but with more specific goal. It's The OPS Community.

Then, of course on the same day I signed up. On this June, I have some badges and one of them is Jenkins Bronze Badge that I received a few days after I published Jenkins series (7 posts in total). I can make sure that there I publish new posts, not re-post from anywhere. So, you can follow me on both communities. For me, more space means more things to learn and share. Do you agree with me?

That's it! Thank you and see you on The OPS Community too!

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Brad Johnson

Thanks for posting about our growing Ops Community @nurulramadhona! We're just blown away by the high quality DevOps posts and discussions and overall member enthusiasm.

Excited to help @nurulramadhona, me, and the rest of The Ops Community grow into the biggest CloudOps community on the Web? Then come join us at

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Nurul Ramadhona

It's my pleasure @johnson_brad!
Let's grow together with The OPS Community!