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re: Even I had the same doubt!!! So What's your thought on React Native, Ionic , Flutter ?

I think they are very useful in some cases, it is really going to depend on the resources you have, what type of team you have and what type of app you are building. Although I don’t really recommend Ionic or any webview based frameworks, as it increases normally total size of the applications, and the performance is usually bad, and it doesn’t have a good user experience. But one thing is for sure is that none of the three will ever replace native, at least in their current states.

I’ve tried already React Native and Flutter. I liked React Native, because it is very simple and easy, and since I’m familiar with React it was very easy for me to get familiar with the framework. And because there is a lot people that are using React in Web and everywhere, it makes a lot of sense that teams adopt it. Anyways you still need to write native code in some components, and you need to have someone that has experience in native, and understands the Android and iOS guidelines, or your app will never have that native feel and experience. I see a lot of React Native apps that feel very web like, and don’t have common Native Features and Details. There are actually few apps that I liked made with React Native. The ones I remember are Discord, Pipify and MLS ( major league soccer app). Those are good apps, but even those apps, I notice some details that don’t feel native, like some touch UI feedback details, transitions in Navigations, or even performance issues. But for the general people they won’t notice it is not a native app. But there is yet a lot of issues with React Native, for example Discord app is only for iOS, they had a lot of troubles in using their code for Android, so the Android app is native, and they actually used React Native and did not used their main selling point, which is cross platform Native Development. They are actually right now refactoring some key parts of React Native, lets hope it will be for the better. About Flutter, I think it came a bit too late for the Party. Also I didn’t like the Widget and Dart experience, at least for me. I prefer much better the React approach of using components with JSX. The good about Flutter is the performance which is better than React Native, but still not perfect, and it looks that you don’t need so much to write native code, as their cross platform features are better. But it is not for me, at least for now, I can’t get used to creating Widgets with class constructors and make the code so nested :/

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