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re: I've worked for about a year on two different iOS projects, one in swift and one in obj-c. At this point, I strictly prefer Obj-c, for its verbosi...

I work with Obj-c too right now, since I have to maintain old iOS code from the current project I’m working on. And for me swift is the style of language I like, it is strongly typed, but as type inference so you don’t need to write always what type of a variable it is, so it makes your code short and simple, but safe at the same time. With optionals, and if you use it right, you can make your apps crash-free. With objective-c what I hate the most is the syntax and the dynamism it has, it can be really hard to debug if you have something that is null, and call a function from a null object, it simply doesn’t happen anything, doesn’t crash but you also don’t have a clue of what happened. But for me, what really is the worst of the language, is the syntax, it is nothing like the other languages I’m used to, writing with brackets it just doesn’t feel right for me, it might be because of my background with Java, Python and PHP, which were my first languages, I don’t know... When I’m writing swift, I feel like I’m writing english, I love the labels for each argument, you always know what each argument it is for, and makes your code very readable. And to finish ( although I could be here aall day telling why I like Swift :p ) what I also like about swift is the mix of OOP and functional programming, you can use both and if you want to write immutable code, you can, if you want to write traditional OOP code you can do it too :) Struct, and the Awesome swift Enums make the language super powerful!

I understand the difficulty to buy a laptop that is 2k€, I also never bought one, I’m lucky to have one from my company right now, and always had, since I never bought one with my personal money. And right now I don’t have any public iOS apps made by myself, so I don’t pay the license aswell ( you don’t need the license if you just want to try iOS development, or until you publish an app to the store )


For this year's development on iOS, I also worked on a company-owned macbook, but now that I'm back to studying, I cannot use it anymore.

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