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re: On average there's a lot more Android jobs (which is to be expected, isn't it?). Though I'm looking at it as a career option down the line since I'...

Yes probably iOS is the higher paying path right now for some reasons. Because not only is for a premium market, but also there is less iOS Developers than Android ones, even though there is more Android jobs. The reason for this fewer iOS Developers, it is because a lot of people already had Androids back then, and were familiar with Java, and probably nobody wanted to touch Objective-c.

Yes, it is a bit tied to Xcode, you can use also AppCode from JetBrains, but if you want to use storyboards and xibs you need Xcode for that :/ You can use vscode and vim to edit fast stuff in swift, but nothing more than that !

This has been a great exchange. Thanks a lot for your time!

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