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re: Thank you for your insight! Though not really materializing in the near future, I'm really interest to get into the mobile dev domain. iOS seems t...

Also look for jobs in your country. See if there is more Android than in iOS if that's the case, then it makes sense to go for Android.

The good thing about Kotlin is that you would be learning 2 things instead of just one. Kotlin and Android. But with Java, if you are familiar with it already, you would probably learn Android Faster. And yes most of them are transferable :)

I also had experience with Java, mostly in the University. But if you learn Kotlin or Swift, you won't go back anymore to Java :P

On average there's a lot more Android jobs (which is to be expected, isn't it?). Though I'm looking at it as a career option down the line since I'm pretty much set with webdev at the moment, and iOS seems to be the higher paying path.

I also have another question: is iOS development strongly tied to an IDE? For example, working with a non Java/C# web stack, I can probably function (with some loss in production) with just vim and a terminal, and a lot of people do this professionally. Unlike Java and C# where development is almost synonymous with an IDE. Can the same be said with iOS?

Yes probably iOS is the higher paying path right now for some reasons. Because not only is for a premium market, but also there is less iOS Developers than Android ones, even though there is more Android jobs. The reason for this fewer iOS Developers, it is because a lot of people already had Androids back then, and were familiar with Java, and probably nobody wanted to touch Objective-c.

Yes, it is a bit tied to Xcode, you can use also AppCode from JetBrains, but if you want to use storyboards and xibs you need Xcode for that :/ You can use vscode and vim to edit fast stuff in swift, but nothing more than that !

This has been a great exchange. Thanks a lot for your time!

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